hana®, PROfx® and hanaSSXT® Patient Care Kits

Hana®, ProFx®, and Hana SSXT® Patient Care Kits

Hana®, ProFx® and Hana SSXT® Patient Care Kits provide the key elements of support, position and isolation.

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Product Overview

– Specifically designed to exacting manufacturer’s specifications
– Ball Joint Covers protect device from fluids to prolong the life of the capital investment
– Adjustable Arm Pads facilitate a natural hand rest position and provide padding
– Perineal Post Cover provides padding and a barrier between the patient and the device

Order Information and Warranty

Hana®, Hana SSXT® and ProFx® Patient Care Kits

6855 9” Supine Headrest Donut, Padded Perineal Post Cover, Leg Spar Ball Joint Protectors, and Adjustable Arm Board Pads with Soft Straps 6 per case
6851 Hana&ProFx PKit with Disposable Boot Liner 6 per case

Individual Patient Care Kit Components For Use with Hana®, Hana SSXT® and ProFx®

5929DZ 6″ Perineal Post Covers 12/cs
5937DZ Disposable Traction Boot Liner 12/cs
6855-13 3″ Perineal Post Covers packaged 12 per bag
6856-22 Leg Spar Ball Joint Protectors packaged 12 pair per bag
5932 NervPro® Ulnar Protection Pad packaged 6 per bag
5858 Sterile Patient Isolation Drapes packaged 12 per bag
5917DZ 27″ Soft Arm Board Straps packaged 12 per bag
6855-12 Adjustable Arm Board Pad 6/cs
1921 9” Headrest Donut 24/cs
1922 7” Headrest Donut 24/cs

Warranty:   Mizuho OSI guarantees these products to be free of defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.


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