Advanced Control Pad System™

Oscillating Pressure Management Pads with Tempur-Pedic® Medical Technology

The Advanced Control Pad System™ (ACP) is designed specifically for use with the Spinal Surgery Table.

Product Features

8 Pad Set – 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large hip pads and a right and left thigh pads.

Tempur-Pedic® Medical technology utilized in the individual hip and thigh pads
Periodic massage action delivered automatically to the patient’s hip and thigh pressure points during prone surgical procedures
Easy set-up

Variable Speed Controller permits selection of four oscillating cycles controlling the motion frequency/duration of the pad cells inflating and deflating

Four Cycle Selections:
– Cells in pads oscillate in 5 second intervals
– Cells in pads oscillate in 10 second intervals
– Cells in pads oscillate in 60 second intervals
– Cells in pads oscillate in 5 second intervals for 25 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds

Pads can be utilized without massage action if desired

Standard Components

Variable Speed Controller for use with Spinal Table System (part # varies by model)

5996-207 Small ACP Tempur-Pedic® Medical Hip Pads (2)
5996-208 Regular (medium) ACP Tempur-med® Hip Pad (2)
5996-209 Large ACP Tempur-Pedic® Medical Hip Pad (2)
5996-205 Left ACP Tempur-Pedic® Medical Thigh Pad (1)
5996-206 Right ACP Tempur-Pedic® Medical Thigh Pad (1)
5996-12 Case of ACP Quick Connect Tubing (12 single use sets/case)
NW0491 Owner’s Manual

Order Information and Warranty

5996 Advanced Control Pad System™ (ACP) 100/120V ~ 50/60Hz
5996I Advanced Control Pad System™ (ACP) 220/230V ~ 50/60Hz
5996-12 ACP Quick Connect Tubing 1 case (12 single use sets)

Warranty:   Mizuho OSI guarantees all of its products for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

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