Loaner Program

The Mizuho OSI “loaner” equipment program has been introduced to better accommodate our Customers equipment repair needs. This program ensures that your valuable equipment will remain utilized until any necessary depot repairs are completed.

Mizuho OSI Technical Service maintains a limited stock of “loaner” equipment, including table bases, various modular tabletops, Wilson Frames, and the Ultra Shoulder Positioning Device that are available for a minimal usage fee.

Please contact Technical Services for availability of products that are not listed.

Mizuho OSI loaner fee table

The loaner fee is a fixed fee covering usage of the equipment for the entire depot repair and is shown in the schedule below.

Additional freight charges will apply and will be added to the repair purchase order.  If a “loaner” device is not returned to Mizuho OSI within seven days of a customer receiving their repair equipment, the Additional Daily Fee will apply for each subsequent day the device is not returned.

Equipment Loaner Fee Additional Daily Fee
Surgical Tables $3000 $100
Wilson Frame $700 $100
Shoulder Positioner $700 $100
Ortho Top $1,050 $100
Spinal Top $1,050 $100
Imaging Top $1,050 $100
Leg Spar (Profx & Hana) $1,050 each
$2,100 set
Cervical Management Unit $700 $100