Instant Support Value Package (ISVP)

Instant Support Value Package (ISVP) is an innovative program for your hospital and biomedical engineers to increase efficiency of their repairs, which can potentially increase your OR utilizations and provide substantial cost savings. By participating in this program you will receive Virtual Technical Support 24/7 (Instant Support), Technical training which includes unlimited tuition for biomedical engineers at your facility, Depot Support (no charge repair labor and 15% off repair parts), and most importantly access to our capital equipment loaner programs. All this is designed to give you and your hospital piece of mind when you make capital investments in any of Mizuho OSI tables.

Instant Support: Real Answers to Real Questions....Real Fast!

24/7 Instant Support Access
15% Parts Discount (direct purchase)
No Charge Depot Labor
No Charge Loaner use
No Charge Freight
Discounted On-site Labor Rate
Unlimited Training Tuition (all owned equipment)

How Instant Support Value Package (ISVP) Works
24/7 Web Based Technical Support

Instant Support: Real Answers to Real Questions….Real Fast!
Instant Support users simply type in questions conversationally and within a few clicks, intelligent, practical solutions are delivered.

Instant Support Value Package (ISVP) Features
•    Virtual Technical Support 24/7
•    Based on proven technology by noHold
•    Value based service
•    Designed to enable self diagnostics and repair
•    Maximize equipment up-time
•    Shifts support focus to Web-based support of internal efforts