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Versatile, adaptable, and precise

Improve efficiency in the OR with flexible systems for spine, imaging and orthopedic trauma procedures.


The Mizuho OSI modular table systems represent two generations of a versatile platform, designed to support a variety of patient positioning needs. 

The innovative design allows for better patient positioning by supporting important anatomical landmarks, providing head-to-toe radiolucent imaging for optimal visibility, and improving access to surgical sites.  



Both the Trios® Surgical Table System and the Modular Table System (MTS) offer the flexibility of positioning the patient supine, lateral or prone through the use of three table tops brought together within one table system.   

The open frame Spine Top provides key benefits when positioning a patient prone, including reduced vena caval compression and reduced bleeding at the surgical site as a result of abdominal fallout supported by the platform’s design.  

With 180° patient rotation, a patient can safely and easily be repositioned from supine to prone positioning.   

The table tops’ carbon fiber design provides complete radiolucency and unrestricted C-arm and O-arm® compatibility.  

The Orthopedic Trauma Top provides skin or skeletal traction during key trauma procedures. The Traction Arc provides constant traction on patient’s leg for adduction/abduction, eliminates need for leg spar on operative side and enables unrestricted surgeon and C-arm access.  



Trios is the next generation of our original Modular Table System, previously called the Jackson Table, focused on safety, precision, and ease of use. The platform’s unique table top mounting interface, known as the Tower and Ratchet system, ensures a secure connection and reduces the risk of misuse. 


Common procedures  

Spine  and Imaging 

  • Laminectomies 
  • Decompressions 
  • Osteotomies 
  • Anterior / Posterior Fusions 
  • Surgical Correction of Deformities 
  • Anterior / Posterior Cervical 
  • Kyphoplasties 
  • Vertebroplasties IDET Surgeries 
  • Vascular Surgery 
  • Joint Imaging 
  • Pain Management  


Orthopedic Trauma  

  • Hip Pinning 
  • Supine IM Femoral Nailing 
  • Lateral IM Femoral Nailing 
  • IM Tibial Nailing 
  • Ender Pinning  


Positioning capabilities  

Spine  and Imaging

  • Prone 
  • Supine  
  • Lateral  

Orthopedic Trauma   

  • Supine 
  • Lateral  


O-arm® is a registered trademark of Medtronic, Inc.  

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