Radiolucent A.V. Fistula Board

The Radiolucent A.V. Fistula Board is designed specifically for use with the Allegro® Mobile Imaging Table and the PROfx® Auxiliary Imaging Top. It provides a platform which functions much like a hand table and allows for metal free imaging from the patient’s mid chest to finger tips.

Product Photos

Product Features

– Tempur-Pedic ® Medical pad, 2 in. (5 cm) for supporting patient
– Easy to set-up, Auxiliary Clamp integral to the board
– Radiolucent
– C-Arm easily can integrate with the board
– Travels with the table top

Order Information and Warranty

6900-25 Radiolucent A.V. Fistula Board w/ 2″ (5 cm) Tempur-Pedic® Medical Pad

Warranty:   Mizuho OSI guarantees all of its products for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

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