Traction Boots and Liners

Mizuho OSI Traction Boots designed from the ground up to provide superior form, fit, function and durability. They pull traction from around and above the ankle and not around the foot itself resulting in superior traction performance without concerns of the feet slipping out of the boot or causing other pressure related injuries.

Features new hardware designed for maximum adjustability and ease of use and heel palpation ports on both sides to ensure proper fit.

Product Photos

Order Information and Warranty

5937DZ Universal Disposable Boot Liner, 12/CS  View brochure
5855-14  Traction Boot, Vinyl Large
5855-15  Traction Boot, Vinyl Small
5855-17  24 Liners – Vinyl Traction Boot Large
5855-18  24 Liners – Vinyl Traction Boot Small
5855-863  Traction Boots with Swivel Plates, 1 PR Small
5855-864  Traction Boots with Swivel Plates, 1 PR. Large
5855-862  Traction Boots with Swivel Plates, 1 PR. X-Large
5855-860  Traction Boots to mount to footplate, 1 PR. Small
5855-861  Traction Boots to mount to footplate, 1 PR. Large
6310-110  Traction Boots with Plates, 1 PR. Small
6310-111  Traction Boots with Plates, 1 PR. Large
6310-112  Traction Boots with Plates, 1 PR. X-Large
FE00384  Traction Boot Liner Set Small
FE00386  Traction Boot Liner Set Large
FE00388  Traction Boot Lines Set X-Large
6850-485  Traction Boots, 1 PR. Small
6850-486 Traction Boots, 1 PR. Large
6850-487 Traction Boots, 1 PR. X-Large

Warranty:   Mizuho OSI guarantees all of its products for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

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