Patient Transfer Devices

The Transtrack™  allows the patient to be transferred from one platform to another with minimal effort from the caregiver.  Simply place the Transtrack™ between the two surfaces and slightly under the patient.  Guide the patient over the Transtrack™.   The Transtrack™ will roll, but the patient will roll further completing the patient transfer.

Available in 67in. or 25in. length.

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Product Features

– Designed to assist staff members with patient transfer
– Minimizes physical lifting of patients
– Allows effortless transfer from multiple patient platforms; hospital bed, gurney, X-ray table, exam table, operating room table and cast table

Optional Accessories

902 Conductive cover for 67” Transtrack™ (170 cm)
903 Conductive cover for 25” Halftrack™ (63.5 cm)
904 Trackrack™, designed to be mounted on a wall or door for convenient storage of one Halftrack™ or Transtrack™


Order Information and Warranty

900 Transtrack™ Patient Roller 67” (170 cm)
901 Halftrack™ Patient Roller 25” (63.5 cm)

Warranty:   Mizuho OSI guarantees all of its products for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

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