Finger Traps

Mizuho OSI Finger Traps provide a secure method of holding fingers in place while pulling traction.  Choose from soft nylon LiteGrip  Finger Traps or strong woven Metal for maximum grip.

Product Features

LiteGrip™ Finger Traps

– Constructed of a double layer of nylon mesh
– Sized traps provide a uniform and comfortable fit
– Less taping required for skin protection vs. metal finger traps
– Non-sterile

Metal Finger Traps

– Constructed of strong woven mesh
– Maximum strength and grip
– Reusable
– Non-sterile

Order Information and Warranty

LiteGrip™ Finger Traps

3345 Support Bow Only
3460XS-1 LiteGrip™ Fingertraps X-Small
3460S-1 LiteGrip™ Fingertraps Small
3460M-1 LiteGrip™ Fingertraps Medium
3460L-1 LiteGrip™ Fingertraps Large
3460XS-5 LiteGrip™ Fingertraps 5-Pack, X-Small
3460S-5 LiteGrip™ Fingertraps 5-Pack, Small
3460M-5 LiteGrip™ Fingertraps 5-Pack, Medium
3460L-5 LiteGrip™ Fingertraps 5-Pack, Large
3461 Adult LiteGrip™ Fingertraps Set of 5 includes S, 3M, L
3462 Pedi LiteGrip™ Fingertraps Set of 5 includes 2XS, 3S

Metal Finger Traps

3334 For adults 5 Finger Traps (3-Medium, 1-Large and 1-Small) with Support Bow and Cord
3334S for pediatric applications 5 Small Finger Traps with Support Bow and Cord
3344L Finger Trap Large
3344M Finger Trap Medium
3344S Finger Trap Small
3345 Support Bow Only


Warranty:   Mizuho OSI guarantees all of its products for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

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