Slide Top Operating Table

The MOT-VS600 Slide Top Operating Table provides the weight capacity, articulation, and height capabilities needed for any patient or procedure. With its best in class 360 kg (800 lbs.) articulated weight capacity, you can take full advantage of 35° tilt and 40° Trendelenburg along with the lowest height, and most top slide of any general surgical table. The MOT-VS600 is the ideal choice for multi-surgical disciplines including those where imaging, laparoscopic, or endoscopic techniques are required.

MOT-VS600 is built for optimal C-arm use. Best-in-class 66.5 cm (26.2 in.) of top slide easily moves the patient into the desired position, while the ultra-low profile base and narrow column maximize room under the table. 120 cm (47.2 in.) imaging window with normal configuration and 150 cm (59 in.) imaging window with seat extension.


• High quality stainless steel design for durability and easy cleaning
• Two stage rotation removable split leg
• Narrow table base offers improved ergonomics and surgeon access
• Rugged intuitive pendant with backlight buttons
• 4 point self leveling floor locks ensure stable table positioning
• Lights on the base provide visual confirmation brakes are active
• Intuitive backlit auxiliary control system
• Power indicator and battery level control panel
• Optional foot switch
• Wireless pendant option for increased freedom
• Mizuho original pads designed to alleviate shearing forces and pressure
• Quick access emergency stop

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Table Positions
52-100cm / 58-108cm Table Height
66.5 cm Top Slide
0-15cm Kidney Lift Up
90º Reflex
40º Flex
90º Leg Down
90º Back Up
40º Back Down
40º Trendelenburg
30º Reverse Trendelenburg
35º Lateral Tilt
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