Anterior Extension Positioner Set-up for Use

Cervical Management

The Cervical Management Accessories are designed for use with the Mizuho OSI Modular Table System, specifically the Spinal Table System.

Pictured is the Cervical Management Base Unit set up for Anterior Cervical Positioning on the Radiolucent Imaging Table.

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Product Overview

Two products are offered to allow the use of a Skull Clamp with the Coupler II and the Cervical Management Base Unit. They accommodate patients being positioned for Cervical procedures and the use of Mayfield® and/or DORO® Skull Clamps.

The Cervical Traction Vector is a standard component of the Spinal Surgery Top and accommodates the use of a Head Halter or Gardner Wells Tongs.

DORO® is a registered trademark of pro med instruments GmbH.

Mayfield® is a registered trademark of  Schaerer Mayfield USA, Inc.

Product Photos

Product Features

–  Two systems to meet varying positioning needs – Coupler II and Cervical Management Base Unit
– Cervical Management Base Unit and Coupler II support the use of skull clamps
– Cervical Management Base Unit supports traction being used
– The starburst attachment point common to both the Coupler II and Cervical Management Base Unit accommodates the use of most other manufacturer’s accessories with the same starburst configuration (i.e. Horseshoe headrests and halo adaptors).

Product Specifications

Coupler II mounts on Spinal Frame and comes standard with aluminum and radiolucent adaptors for the Mayfield®. Spinal Top Adaptor Brackets are required to mount the Coupler II on the frame. Coupler II is compatible with DORO® skull clamps. Note: an additional adaptor is required to use the Radiolucent DORO®, the aluminum DORO attaches to the standard aluminum end.

Cervical Management Base Unit mounts on the crossbar of the Advanced Control Base. It does not require additional adaptors or brackets to mount it. It can be used in conjunction with the Spinal Surgery Top or the Radiolucent Imaging Top and provide cervical management for patients positioned supine or prone. If the use of cervical traction is desired, it is achieved in two ways manual adjustment or through attaching a traction ropes and weights.

Anterior Extension Positioner when utilized on the Radiolucent Imaging Top allows for anterior cervical positioning and hyper extension of the patient’s cervical spine

Supine Operating Top mounts on the Spinal Surgery Top and provides a surface for positioning a patient supine on the prone frame.

Order Information and Warranty

5873-300 Radiolucent DORO® Adaptor for Coupler II
5979-300 Radiolucent DORO® Adaptor for Cervical Management Base Unit
5979-200 Radiolucent Mayfield® Adaptor for Cervical Management Base Unit
6910-3003 DORO® Aluminum Skull Clamp
6910-3006-5 DORO® Disposable Skull Pins Stainless, Adult (12 pkgs. 3 pins each)
6910-3006-6 DORO® Disposable Skull Pins Stainless, Child (12 pkg. 3 pins each)
6910-4004 DORO® Radiolucent Skull Clamp
6910-3006-2 DORO® Disposable Skull Pins Titanium Tip, Adult (12 pkg. 3 pins each)
6910-3006-3 DORO® Disposable Skull Pins Titanium Tip, Child (12 pkgs. 3 pins each)

Warranty:   Mizuho OSI guarantees all of its products for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

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