5943 Spinal Surgery Top

Tempur-Pedic® Medical Pads for Spinal Surgery Top

Mizuho OSI Spinal Surgery Top now has the added Pressure Equalization benefit of Tempur-Pedic® Medical Pads.  Tempur-Pedic® Pads are designed to minimize peak pressure points while maintaining the patient in optimal surgical position.

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Product Overview

Mizuho OSI offers a variety of Hip and Thigh Pads to meet your pressure management and positioning needs. Our solutions include three patient specific sizes of Hip Pads that may be used in combination with Thigh Pads.

Our combination Hip/Thigh Pad set combines two pads into one contoured pad that provides excellent pressure redistribution.

All Mizuho OSI Hip and Thigh Pad solutions can be upgraded to include our Advance Control Pad System (ACP).  ACP utilizes embedded air bladders that sequentially inflate and deflate to provide a soft tissue massage over bony prominences.

Order Information and Warranty

6946 Pillow Standard Size (for use in sling) or 6947 Pillow Queen Size (for use in sling)
5379-7722 1″ Arm Board Pad for 5379 Articulating Arm Board or 5376 Translating Arm Board
5840-7030 Support Section (Leg Board) Pad
5840-7569 Spinal Surgery Single Chest Pad
5997 Combo Hip / Thigh Pad Set with ACP
5939 Combo Hip / Thigh Pad Set without ACP
5996  Advanced Control Pad System™

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