Trios® Orthopedic Trauma Top

For complete Orthopedic Trauma procedures

The Trios® Orthopedic Trauma Table Top is part of the Mizuho OSI Trios® Surgical Table System, providing an enhanced powered orthopedic table for easy patient positioning and providing for skin or skeletal traction during key trauma procedures.

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Product Overview

The Trios® Orthopedic Trauma Table Top can be used in conjunction with the 7803 Mizuho OSI Trios® Table Base. The Trios® Traction Arc provides for anatomically correct lower extremity skin or skeletal traction for all patient positions during orthopedic trauma procedures.

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Product Features

Maximum Radiolucency

  • Unique composite top provides complete radiolucency
  • Supports unrestricted C-arm and O-arm® integration
  • Allows anterior/posterior, lateral and oblique views intraoperatively

Modernized Table Top and Traction Arc Attachment

  • New Table Top mounting assembly connection ensures secure attachment to the Base’s crossbar
  • Simplified lower-and-lock Table Top mounting assembly decreases installation steps
  • Trios® Traction Arc provides constant traction on patient’s leg for adduction/abduction
  • Trios® Traction Arc attachment supports multiple components for either skin or skeletal traction
  • Eliminates need for leg spar on operative side
  • Permits unrestricted access for surgeon and C-Arm

Dual Columns Enhance Stability

  • Patient can be centered for added stability and C-Arm accessibility

Power Controls

  • IntelliPendant® controls all table functions: Floor Locks, Height, Lateral Roll, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg, Return to Level
  • Integrated Trios® Traction Arc installation/removal guide on IntelliPendant® assists with setup

Optional Trios® Orthopedic Equipment Cart

  • Specially designed for orthopedic accessories storage and retrieval
  • Easy transfer of Trios® Traction Arc onto the table

Trios® Table Base Technology

  • Accepts Trios® Orthopedic Trauma, Trios® Spinal Surgery, and Trios® Radiolucent Imaging Tops
  • Creates totally comprehensive orthopedic trauma table capabilities
  • Carbon composite construction adds strength and reduces weight
  • Powered Floor Locks with one-touch engagement for enhanced safety
  • New table top connection interface

Positioning Capabilities:

  • Supine
  • Lateral

Product Specifications

Trios® Orthopedic Trauma Table Top
Table Top Length 84 in. (213 cm)
Table Top Width 21.5 in. (55 cm)
Patient Weight Capacity 500 lbs. (227 kg)
Trios® Table Base
Table Top Floor Height 22 – 48 in. (56 – 117 cm)
Base Width 32 in. (81 cm)
Base Length 110 in. (279 cm)
Retracted Base Length 68 – 110 in. (173 – 173 cm)
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 10º
Lateral Tilt (without Trios® Traction Arc) 25º

Standard Components

7855-900 Trios® Orthopedic Table Top Assembly
7855-600 Trios® Orthopedic Traction Arc Cart
7855-13 Trios® Traction Arc
7803-320 Trios® Table System Cover
5855-120 90 Degree Pin and Wire Holder
5855-136 Tibia Counter-Traction Assembly
5855-137 Lateral Perineal Post
5855-14 Soft Traction Boot, Large
5855-15 Soft Traction Boot, Small
5855-163 Well Leg Board Assembly
5855-193 Traction Extension, Long (38 inches, or 96.5 cm)
5855-242 Ilium Post
5855-243 Pad, Counter-Traction
5855-271 Perineal Post, Child, w/Pad
5855-319 Center Support Board w/Pad
5855-345 Traction Unit
5855-411 Tibia Traction Upright
5855-838 Well Leg Support
5855-440 Traction Foot Plate
5855-473 Pad, Lateral Extension
5855-518 G.M. Board, Right, w/Pad and Locking Knob
5855-519 G.M. Board, Left, w/Pad and Locking Knob
5855-550 Patient Safety Strap
5855-578 Traction Extension, Short (27 inches, or 68.6 cm)
5855-61 Accessory Clamp
5855-612 Patient Isolation Drape Rod Assembly
5855-615 Head End Drape Hanger Post (Long)
5855-617 Foot End Drape Hanger Post (Short)
5855-628 Pad, Lateral Post, Lower
5855-644 Leg Spar Upright
5855-673 Traction Unit Upright
5855-752 Radiolucent Auxiliary Leg Spar
5855-753 Well Leg Support Swing Arm
5855-76 Lower Leg Support Assembly
6977-959 Universal Side Rail Adapter, 6 in. (15 cm)
5855-863 Traction Boot w/Foot Plate, Small, Left & Right
5855-864 Traction Boot w/Foot Plate, Large, Left & Right
5855-911 Patient Transfer Board Assembly
5855-925 Perineal Post, Adult, w/Pad
5855-930 Tibia Well Leg Support
5858-1 Patient Isolation Drapes, box of 3
5862 Kirschner Bow Holder

Optional Accessories

5300-2 Shoulder and Sacral Lateral Positioner Assembly
5356 Pivoting Arm Board w/Tempur-Pedic® Medical Pad
5393 Clark Socket
5394 Aluminum Side Rail Socket
5855-865 Traction Boot w/Foot Plate, X-Large, Left & Right
5857 Cross Arm Support w/Pad
6977-973 Universal Side Rail Adapter, 18 in (45.7 cm)
7803-500 Trios® Equipment Cart
7855-500 Trios® Orthopedic Equipment Cart
10704 OrangeAid® Gel Universal Perineal Post Pad
10706 OrangeAid® Gel Universal Traction Boot Liner

Single-Use/Disposable Accessories

370 Convoluted Foam Padding, 6 x 24 x 2 inches
1901-12 Convoluted Foam Pads (12 pairs/cs)
1902-20 Supine/Lateral Head Rest (20/cs)
1921 Headrest, Doughnut, 9 inch
1922 Headrest, Doughnut, 7 inch
5052-3 Alp Straps and Pair of Foam Boots
5823-10 Foam Arm Cradles (6 pairs/cs)
5855-17 Traction Boot Liners, Large, 24/cs
5855-18 Traction Boot Liners, Small, 24/cs
5858 Patient Isolation Drapes, 12/cs
5932 NervPro™ System, Ulnar Protective Pads, 6/cs
6855-13 Perineal Post Cover, Blue Foam, 12/cs

Order Information and Warranty

7855 Trios® Orthopedic Trauma Top
7803 Trios® Table Base 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Warranty: Mizuho OSI guarantees all of its products for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

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