Biomed Training

The Mizuho OSI service training programs are designed to ensure that Mizuho OSI products are properly maintained when serviced by the hospital Biomedical or Clinical Engineers. Our training program will provide your engineers with the knowledge required to ensure maximum utilization and return on your capital investment. Training includes in-depth operating theory, repair and maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting analysis. The program is hands-on and includes ample lab time working on the equipment.

General Information:

  • Training classes are conducted in our Union City, California training facility.
  • Class size is limited to six attendees and requires a fee for enrollment.
  • Travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the trainee. Lunches will be provided.

For Quoting and Pricing contact
For Registration and Class Information contact
Amanda Lemley at +1 800-777-4674 x 244 or

Specialty Surgery Table (SST) Training 2019
February 4th – 7th
April 15th – 18th
April 29th – May 2nd
May 13th – 16th
May 20th – 23rd
June 3rd – 6th
July 15th – 18th
August 19th – 22nd
September 16th – 19th
September 23rd – 26th
October 7th – 10th
October 21st – 24th
December 2nd – 5th

<trstyle=”height: 24px;”>December 5th – 6th

ProAxis  Training 2019
February 7th – 8th
April 18th – 19th
May 2nd – 3rd
May 16th – 17th
May 23rd – 24th
June 6th – 7th
June 27th – 28th
July 18th – 19th
August 22nd – 23rd
September 19th – 20th
September 26th – 27th
October 10th – 11th
October 24th – 25th

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pdf_iconSpecialty Surgery Table (SST) Training
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pdf_iconProAxis  Training 
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pdf_iconAllegro Table Training
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