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Watch the video to learn why our products remain the gold standard in the specialty surgical market that we pioneered.


Better outcomes by design


The right surgical table can transform complex surgeries by increasing patient safety, reducing physician fatigue, accelerating surgeries and speeding up patient recovery. We’re constantly working to design more effective surgery tables and pressure management solutions that remain the cornerstones of hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers around the world.

Our story


Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mizuho OSI began developing the specialty surgical solution space in 1978. We spent the next four decades collaborating with surgeons and healthcare providers to understand today’s surgical needs, uncover problems and inefficiencies in the operating room and develop products that simplify procedures, improve precision, reduce risk and improve outcomes for all.

Mizuho OSI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a leading surgical table manufacturer Mizuho Corporation, founded in 1919 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


Our mission, vision and values



Our mission

To improve outcomes for people undergoing surgery.


Our vision

Using intense customer focus, daring innovation and business excellence, we will make Mizuho OSI the dominant global supplier of specialty surgical solutions.


Our values

We value and demonstrate R.E.S.P.E.C.T. in everything we do.

Responsibility – We are responsible for delighting our customers, coworkers, and suppliers by building trust through integrity, accountability, and responsiveness.

Empowerment – We empower our people to improve the quality of customer’s experiences, our products, and our systems.

Stewardship – We work to improve patient outcomes and the health of communities around the world.

Passion – We choose to perform our roles with integrity, enthusiasm, pride, and professionalism.

Excellence – We are dedicated to be the best in our industry.

Commitment – We are committed to delivering the best services and products, focusing on what is important, continuously improving, and leading by example.

Teamwork – We respect the contributions of each team member and succeed by listening and cooperating with each other.


The Mizuho OSI way

In 1978, we set out to change the way patients undergo surgery. As a Mizuho OSI customer, you can expect our commitment to the following…

We commit to your satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied, we will strive to make it right. We do things the right way. We commit to hire people with competence, generosity and a caring attitude. We motivate our employees to use their individual strengths to provide creative solutions, changes, and innovations. We anticipate your needs through customer experiences, thus nurturing our relationships. Collectively, this creates an environment that enables and inspires healthcare professionals to improve the lives of patients.

Dare to go further. Care to do more.

Mizuho OSI at a glance

Mizuho OSI at a glance

Industry: Surgical tables and pressure management solutions

Locations: Our products are manufactured and sold directly in the US, and distributed globally

Leadership: Steve Lamb, President & COO; Yosup Kim, VP of Finance; Mark DeSilets, VP of Research & Development; Kevin Thorne, VP of Operations

Number of employees: 440

Surgical tables installed worldwide: Over 10,000 


2020 Advanced Manufacturing, East Bay Innovation Awards

2020 Prospector Recognition Recipient, California Awards for Performance Excellence 

2017 Largest Manufacturers Silicon Valley Business Times

2017 U.S. Healthcare Supplier of the Year Award (Small Volume) presented by Global Healthcare Exchange

2015 Top Manufacturing Firms San Francisco Business Times MedAssets Platinum Supplier Award 2015

A global company

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