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As many as 2.5 million1 acute care patients suffer pressure injuries in the US each year, with many occurring in orthopedic and spine surgeries. The total cost of treatment is an astounding $26.8 billion annually.1

Our consumables and pressure management products help clinical staff to maximize patient safety by reducing shear/friction forces associated with pressure injuries.

A system of care

A system of care

Table pad construction and shear/friction forces are among the factors that contribute to intraoperative pressure injuries. Our pressure management products and consumables are designed to minimize and redistribute pressure along with shear/friction forces.

Pressure equalization pads

Pressure equalization pads

Tempur-Pedic® for optimized patient care

Our exclusive Tempur-Pedic® memory foam pads and positioners provide support, positioning and pressure redistribution during surgical procedures. Studies show Tempur-Pedic material provides up to four times the pressure reduction of conventional polyurethane in controlled testing.2

See the difference:

1. Moisture impervious, vapor permeable membrane
2. Flame resistant barrier mattress assembly
3. Tempur 110kg/cubic meter density for peak loading force distribution
4. Tempur-HD soft, dense absorption reduces localized pressure concentration

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Quality prone foam pillows

Quality prone foam pillows

Our compressed pillows rebound to offer superb pressure management. Other pillows may not survive the vacuum packaging process which means it won’t fully support the weight of your patients.

With no glue anywhere on the inside edge of our GentleTouch® Head Positioning Pillow, the foam can more easily conform to the patient’s face without the risk of making contact with the patient’s forehead and chin where pressure is highest.

Protect your patients and your table

Protect your patients and your table

Mizuho OSI Patient Care Kits provide support, positioning and isolation during surgical procedures in the prone, lateral or supine position. The vacuum-package design also saves precious storage space.

Our disposable drapes and positioners are optimized for use with our specialty tables for maximum performance. With over 100 products, you are sure to find just what you need. Our extensive product selection includes arm cradles, pad covers, pillows, head rests, perineal post covers, boot liners and more.

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1 “Padula WV, Delarmente BA. The national cost of hospital-acquired pressure injuries in the United States. Int Wound J. 2019; 16:634–640.”

2 Support Surfaces: Viscoelastic Expanded Urethane versus Conventional Foam. Eric Flam,PhD, PE and Loretta Raab, RPh, CCP, ECPM Jan/Feb 2005, pp 29 – 34 

Resources and education

Study: Comparison of face pillows in prone position

By Dr. Margaret Grisell and her co-author published in Spine Journal

Pressure on the face while in the prone position: ProneView versus Prone Positioner

By Dr. Benjamin Atwater and his co-authors published in the Journal of Clinical Anesthesia

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