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Upper Extremity Positioning Accessories

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Stable positioning accessories to hold arms, hands and fingers in place during a range of surgical procedures. 

Arm, hand and finger positioners


LiteGrip™ Finger Traps 

Constructed of a double layer of nylon mesh for a secure and comfortable fit during traction and requires less taping for skin protection than metal finger traps. Available in a range of sizes. Sold individually or in packages of 5.  

X-small, one – Part #3460XS-1

X-small, package of 5 – Part #3460XS-5

Small, one – Part #3460S-1

Small, package of 5 – Part #3460S-5

Medium, package of 5 – Part #3460M-5

Large, one – Part #3460L-1

Large, package of 5 –Part #3460L-5

Adult, includes 1 small, 3 medium and 1 large – Part #3461

Child, includes 2 extra small and 3 small – Part #3462


Metal Finger Traps 

Reusable woven mesh finger traps designed for maximum strength and grip, available in a range of sizes. 

Small, appropriate for pediatric applications – Part #3344S

Medium – Part #3344M

Large – Part #3344L

Bow with Finger Trap Set, includes 1 small, 3 medium and 1 large with support bow and cord – Part #3334

Support bow only for finger traps – Part #3345


Wehbe Extremity Prep Assist 

An adjustable, easy to clean support for hand and forearm prep, with inclined surface to keep the operating field free of prep solution. 

3 piece set – Part #5060

Top block only – Part #5060-1

3“ block only – Part #5060-2

2″block only – Part #5060-3


Inflatable Hand Mitt with Gauge 

An inflatable bag which fits securely over the patient’s hand for stability and pressure management during elevation. 

Part #5260-7 


Hand Surgery Table 

A lightweight platform for hand and upper extremity procedures requiring stability and radiolucency, easily attached to any OR table. Can be used in a self-supported cantilevered fashion, or with optional leg support. 

Radiolucent Hand Surgery Table with Tempur-Pedic® Pad

Part #5275

Leg support – ranges from 24” to 40” (61cm to 102cm)

Part #5275-5

Replacement pad – Part #5275-7030


Warranty: We guarantee all of our products for a period of one year from date of shipment from Mizuho OSI for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.  

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