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Hana® Orthopedic Surgery Table

PART #6875

Hana® Orthopedic Surgery Table

PART #6875

The gold standard for patient positioning in fracture and hip procedures, the Hana is revolutionizing orthopedic surgeries.

Ideal for the anterior approach to hip surgery and lower limb fractures

Often imitated, never duplicated. Hana is much more than a table: it’s a patient positioning device that enables a multitude of orthopedic procedures.  

With its unique capability to position the patient’s legs independently and provide traction, the Hana table is ideal for hospitals and ASCs. The table supports a number of procedures including the anterior approach to total hip replacements (AATHA), hip arthroscopy, hip fractures, and lower limb fractures in either the supine or lateral position. The leg spars allow for hyperextension, abduction, adduction and external rotation of the legs. Fully radiolucent carbon fiber construction provides for unobstructed intraoperative imaging.  

Product features

Radiolucent lift-assist leg spars 

  • Carbon fiber construction allows unrestricted C-Arm access for intraoperative anterior/posterior, lateral and oblique fluoroscopic views   
  • Lighten the load on OR staff 
  • Independently position and articulate the patient’s legs 
  • Enables abduction, adduction, hyperextension, and flexion of the lower extremities 

Fine and gross traction adjustments 

  • Fine-tune traction needs from full joint distraction to fracture reduction 
  • Traction boots secure the patient’s feet to the spars, with pin and wire holder options for skeletal traction 

Femur hook with power lift 

  • Patented femur hook design enhances exposure during anterior approach hip replacement surgery. 
  • Foot-pedal activated power lift, controlled by surgeon, for raising and lowering the femoral hook 

Pressure equalization pads with Tempur-Pedic® 

  • Padding equalizes pressure load on patient during surgery for safety and comfort 
  • Contours to patient anatomy with support 

Multiple arm board options for enhanced patient positioning  

Hana Patient Care Kits 

  • Specifically designed for use on the Hana 
  • Fluid barrier protects the Hana and aids infection control 
  • Soft pads provide support and optimize patient position 
Positioning capabilities




Common procedures
  • Anterior approach total hip arthroplasty (AATHA)  
  • Hip arthroscopy 
  • Hip pinning 
  • AA hemiarthroplasty 
  • Intramedullary (IM) femoral nailing 
  • Retrograde IM femoral nailing  
  • Femur plating 
  • IM tibial nailing 
  • Lateral decubitus IM femoral nailing 
  • Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) 

We guarantee our products for a period of one year from the date of shipment from Mizuho OSI for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

Tabletop length 48.5” (123cm)
Table length w/ spars 124” (315cm)
Table base width 36” (91cm)
Tabletop width 21.5” (55cm) at head-end
10” (25cm) toward foot-end
5” at perineal post
Tabletop height range 30–50” (76–127cm)
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 12°
Lateral tilt 12°
Leg spar articulation 28° up
(10° with lift assist support)
35° down
20° adduction
45° abduction
Patient weight capacity 450lbs (205kg)
Voltage Requirements 100V 50/60Hz; 120V 60Hz; 220-230V 50/60Hz
Standard components 
  • Hana Table Base  
  • Hana Lift-assisted Radiolucent Leg Spars, left/right  
  • Hana Hand Pendant  
  • Femoral Hook Support (2)  
  • Femur Lift Extension (2)  
  • Classic Femoral Hooks, left/right  
  • Femoral Hooks, left/right  
  • Femur Lift Assembly, left/right  
  • Hana Femur Lift Foot Pedal  
  • Adult Perineal Post  
  • Large Traction Boot, pair   
  • Small Traction Boot, pair  
  • Traction Hook Extender (2)   
  • Well Leg Support Adaptor  
  • Articulating Bracket   
  • Well Leg Support Assembly   
  • Hana Arm Board (2)   
  • Femur Lift Emergency Crank Handle  
  • Hana Table Cover   
  • Hana Patient Care Kit (3/case) 
  • Patient Safety Strap, 90″ (229 cm)


Disposable components  
  • Hana Patient Care Kit (6/case) (Part #6851)
  • Patient Isolation Drape (12/case) (Part #5858) 
  • Disposable Boot Liners (12/case) (Part #5937DZ) 
  • Adult Perineal Post Cover (12/case) (Part #6855-13) 
  • 6″ diameter (15.2 cm) Perineal Post Cover (12/case) (Part #5929DZ) 
 Hana Distraction Pad

Hana Distraction Pad

Improve hip preservation surgery by promoting advanced post-free techniques.

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    Draping Tips for the Hana

    Draping Tips for the Hana

    Get step-by-step draping tips for the supine fracture or AATHA table setups.

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      Accessories (21)

      Part #6875-2761

      Hana Fracture Kit

      Includes pads, drapes, hooks and brackets for easy setup and use

      Part #6875-500

      Hana Equipment Cart

      Part #6850-487

      Traction Boot, X-large, Pair

      Part #6850-170

      Lower Leg Support

      Part #6875-250

      Lateral Perineal Post and Board

      Part #6875-230

      Hana Knee Flexion System

      Part #5855-61

      Accessory Clamp

      Part #5857

      Cross Arm Support with Tempur-Pedic® 1” (2.5cm) Pad

      Part #5393

      Clark Socket

      Part #3368

      3″ Shortened Perineal Post

      Part #6850-420

      3″ Extended Perineal Post

      Part #3369

      Large Diameter Perineal Post

      Part #6300-93

      90º Pin and Wire Holder

      Part #6850-27

      ProFx® Traction Boot Adaptor Assembly

      Part #5855-411

      Tibial Traction Upright

      Part #5855-345

      Traction Unit

      Part #6850-25

      Tibia Traction Boot Adaptor

      Part #5855-440

      Traction Foot Plate Assembly

      Part #6875-2740

      Patient Transfer Board with Pad

      Part #6950

      6-piece Tempur-Pedic® Positioning Pad Set

      Part #6875-20

      Hana Table Cover

      Resources and education

      Hana Product Brochure

      Setup Instructions Online or on Our App

      Hana Training Classes for Biomed Engineers

      Hana Distraction Pad

      Draping Tips for the Hana

      Femoral Hook Placement

      Hana Patient Kits Brochure

      Patient Marketing Kit for Hip Replacements (Customers Only)

      Nearly 90 customizable templates

      Hana Smart Start Kit (Customers Only)

      Get off to the right start

      Clinical Utility of Hana Orthopedic Table Highlighted in New Study

      By Dr. Andrew Wickline

      Surgical Approaches to Acetabulum and Pelvic Fractures

      By Dr. Joel Matta

      Cost in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty – a Comparison of Surgical Approaches

      2019 study published in ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research

      AATHA Background and Operative Technique

      By Dr. Joel Matta and John C. Wilson, Jr.

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