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For over 40 years, Mizuho OSI has pioneered the specialty spine market. Today, we continue to innovate spinal surgery in pursuit of an elevated surgical experience for both surgeons and patients.

Innovating for greater precision and control

Innovating for greater precision and control

Over 25 years ago, we were the first to use carbon fiber composite materials in the design of an operating table. Since carbon fiber is radiolucent, images can be taken during surgery to check placement, positioning, and alignment.

In 2013, we continued this journey with the introduction of the ProAxis®, the only hinged spine table on the market to provide controlled flexion and extension of the lumbar spine. 

In 2017, we introduced our latest innovation, the Levó Head Positioning System offering the benefit of intraoperative adjustments of the cervical spine in a safe, controlled manner without having to break scrub.

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    Resources and education

    Use of the ProAxis Surgical Table in Spine Surgery

    By Brett Babat, MD

    Optimizing Sagittal Contour Alignment Using Table Based Strategies

    2020 Webinar by David Polly, MD, Christopher Martin, MD, Kristen Jones, MD, and Jonathan Sembrano, MD.

    The Deformity TLIF: Bilateral Facetectomy and Osteotomy Closure with a Hinged Table

    2019 study by Christopher Martin, MD and his co-authors published in Iowa Orthopaedic Journal

    How active hinged tables can lead to better spine surgery outcomes

    Memory Function, Trios®

    Controlled Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy Site Closure Using Flexible Hinge-Powered Operating Table

    2019 study by Kristen Jones, MD and her co-authors published in Operative Neurosurgery

    Levó time savings comparison video

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