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Made with Tempur-Pedic® Pressure Equalization Pads to optimize patient positioning during prone, supine and lateral procedures.

Pressure equalization with Tempur-Pedic to stabilize the upper extremities


Articulating Arm Board with 1” Tempur-Pedic Pressure Equalization Pad  

Provides five-way adjustment for prone patient positioning on our spinal tables.  

Trios® Surgical Table System and Modular Table System Spine Frame – Part #5579  

ProAxis® Spinal Surgery Table and Insite® Surgery Table  Part #6988-530


Translating Arm Board with 1” Tempur-Pedic Pressure Equalization Pad  

For use with the Trios and Modular Table System Spinal Surgery Tops, providing adjustable height and position during prone procedures.  

Part #5376 


Translating Arm Board for the Ultra Shoulder® Positioner 

A comfortable arm rest that can be positioned parallel to the OR table on either the operative or non-operative side of the patient. Ideal for the beach chair position. 

Part #5338-70 


Lateral Arm Board Set 

Protects the entire length of the arm and minimize peak pressure points. Attaches anywhere on the side rail with a Clark Socket 

Part #5364 


Pivoting Arm Board  

An adjustable support which attaches to the side rail of the table without any need for clamps. Finger latch allows 180° of lateral adjustment. Available with 2” or 3” Tempur-Pedic pads.  

24” x 6” with 2” Tempur-Pedic pads – Part #5356

24” x 6” with 3” Tempur-Pedic pads – Part #5357




Radiolucent Arm Board 

Supports the patient’s arm in the supine position. Held in place by the patient’s weight, the single arm board can be used on either side of the table and pivoted for positioning.  

Part #6900-12 


Cross Arm Support with 1” Tempur-Pedic Pressure Equalization Pad 

Provides a gentle support for the patient’s arm on the operative side in the supine positioning. Mounts easily to the non-operative side for complete access. 

Part #5857 


Radiolucent A.V. Fistula Board 

A radiolucent hand platform designed specifically for use with the Allegro® Mobile Imaging Table and the ProFx® Auxiliary Imaging Top.

Part #6900-25 


Warranty: We guarantee all of our products for a period of one year from the date of shipment from Mizuho OSI for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged. 

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