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Innovating for better patient outcomes

Often imitated, never duplicated. We’ve led the industry since 1978 and continue to innovate how patients are positioned for spine and orthopedic procedures.


From the very beginning, we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation in pursuit of a better surgical experience. We developed the spine and orthopedic specialty table market. Today, our novel products continue to set the industry standard.

A legacy of innovation

A legacy of innovation

Mizuho OSI invented the specialty surgery table market with the introduction of the game-changing Andrews Spinal Surgery Frame and later created the Andrews Table, the first standalone spine table, in collaboration with Dr. E. Trent Andrews.

We innovated spine surgeries when we introduced our open frame spine and imaging platform, previously known as the Jackson Table, featuring the benefits of radiolucency, 180° patient rotation and customizable placement of the prone components. The innovative design provided abdominal fallout during spinal procedures, which helped relieve vena cava pressure and reduced bleeding at the surgical site.   

In the early 2000s, we collaborated with Dr. Joel Matta to develop the ProFx®  Pelvic Reconstruction Orthopedic Fracture Table. This innovation eventually led to the development of our revolutionary Hana® table. The Hana table gave surgeons the access they needed to treat lower limb fractures and perform anterior hip surgeries – a relatively new approach at the time which greatly reduced patient recovery times and increased the number of surgeries they could perform.

Designing for better surgical results

Designing for better surgical results

As patient positioning needs continued to evolve, a vision for a more advanced spinal surgery table soon emerged. The ProAxis® Spinal Surgery Table was launched in 2013, once again changing the way patients were positioned, with a dynamic platform that allows for intraoperative adjustments of the lumbar spine. 

 In 2015, the next generation of our original modular tables system was introduced. The Trios® Surgical Table System features a unique mounting interface,  the Tower Ratchet System, that keeps the tabletop securely locked in place. This feature, coupled with powered floor locks and a streamlined 180° patient rotation mechanism, provides for safety and efficiency in the operating room. 

In 2017, the latest innovation was introduced, the Levó Head Positioning System. Designed for use with the Trios or Modular Table System Spinal Surgery Top, this device transformed the way cervical spine surgery is performed. The Levó allows intraoperative adjustments in a safe, controlled manner without having to break scrub.

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