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Helping you to improve patient outcomes

Our products are designed to help patients leave surgery as healthy and mobile as possible, speeding up recovery and improving overall results.
We collaborate with OR teams and watch them while they work, in the pursuit of designing products that optimize clinical outcomes.
We’re here to help your patients

We’re here to help your patients

Our pioneering technology helps elevate patient results by: 

  • Improving access and visibility to surgical sites
  • Positioning patients precisely and consistently to help prevent pressure injuries   
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing recovery time 
    Revolutionizing the surgical experience

    Revolutionizing the surgical experience

    From the original open spine table, previously known as the Jackson Table, to the ground-breaking LevóTM Head Positioning System, we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation in pursuit of better patient results.

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      Just a few of our outcome-enhancing innovations

      Levó™ Head Positioning System: This electromechanical device brings a new level of control and precision to head positioning for prone spine procedures.



      ProAxis® Spinal Surgery Table: This is the only table on the market that allows for flexion and extension of the lumbar spine and aids in achieving desired spinal alignment for restoring sagittal balance.1,2

      Hana® Orthopedic Surgery Table: Allows the orthopedic surgeon to replace the hip through a single, short surgical incision without detaching muscle from the pelvis or femur, thus improving patient recovery time. 3,4



      Modular table systems Spine Top: The open frame design found on the Trios® System and the original Modular Table System allows for abdominal fallout during spinal procedures to relieve vena cava pressure and reduce bleeding at the surgical site.

      The right equipment can help to improve patient care

      The right equipment can help to improve patient care

      “What we’ve seen the right surgical table do for the market and the healthcare industry is reduce physician fatigue, improve patient outcomes, and get patients up and moving faster.”

      Greg Neukirch
      Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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        ProAxis Spinal Surgery Table

        A radiolucent, hinged table offering better access and precise intraoperative spinal adjustments

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