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ProAxis® Spinal Surgery Table

PART #6988

ProAxis® Spinal Surgery Table

PART #6988

The first of its kind, ProAxis features advanced hinge technology to provide unparalleled surgical access, precision and flexibility. 

Revolutionary spine positioning

Launched in 2013, the ProAxis is our most advanced surgical table for spine surgery, with a unique radiolucent hinge design that supports more precise intraoperative spinal adjustments. 

Suitable for simple and complex spine cases, the ProAxis is the only table on the market that allows surgeons to flex and extend the lumbar spine during surgery. Not only does this help enhance visibility and access for the surgeon, it also aids in achieving desired spinal alignment for restoring sagittal balance.  

Through its dynamic positioning capabilities, the ProAxis provides for rotation of the patient’s pelvis while accounting for a coordinated translation of the torso when flexing and extending the spine. The table’s ability to maintain the surgical site at a fixed height during hinge articulation further enhances the workflow and provides for consistent visualization. The table’s positioning and operating functions are controlled by an intelligent hand pendant, the IntelliPendant®, which allows the surgical team to monitor and control the table’s exact position and functions.  

This dynamic, radiolucent table easily converts from an open frame to a radiolucent imaging top, allowing it to support a variety of spinal surgeries requiring prone, supine, and lateral positioning. 

Product features
  • Radiolucent hinge technology allows for flexion and extension of the lumbar spine with direct visualization of intraoperative changes in spinal alignment 
  • Total spine access: cervical, thoracic and lumbar  
  • Torso Trolley® integrates patient movement with hinge movement maintaining neutral upper body position with coordinated patient translation  
  • Unrestricted O-arm® and C-arm access with open frame or removable two piece supine top setups 
  • Removable two-piece carbon fiber supine tops with pad and built-in translation slide convert open frame to a platform for supine and lateral positioning 
  • The IntelliPendant, a software-driven hand pendant controls all table functions with continual user feedback: floor locks, height, lateral roll, Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg and return to level 
  • Auxiliary panel provides a secondary source for controlling table motion 
  • Equipped with two memory positions that aid in imaging workflow and improved communication in the OR  
  • ProneView® Protective Helmet System offers head and eye protection for prone positioning 
  • Tempur-Pedic® Medical Pad technology incorporated into all patient surfaces 
  • Cervical management mounting bracket permits cranial stabilization option  
  • Powered floor locks 

O-arm® is a registered trademark of Medtronic, Inc.

Positioning capabilities






Common procedures
  • Pedicle subtraction osteotomies (PSO)  
  • Spinal fusions – lateral, anterior, posterior, transforaminal  
  • Decompressions 
  • Laminectomies 
  • Surgical correction of deformities 
  • Lumbar total discs 
  • Kyphoplasties 
  • Vertebroplasties 
  • Joint imaging 
  • Pain management 

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  • US 10,888,481
Product specifications
Table top width – prone 19” (48cm)
Table top width – supine/lateral 21” (53cm)
Table top length 81” (206cm) 
Overall total table length 122–138” (310–351cm) dependent on where the table is in its range of movements
Storage length 80” (204cm)
Height range 20–47” (51–119cm)
Hinge up 35°
Hinge down 20°
Lateral tilt (left/right) 15°
Trendelenburg 15°
Reverse Trendelenburg 20°
Patient weight capacity 500lbs (227kg)
Standard components
  • Carbon Fiber, Powered Hinged Frame  
  • ProAxis® IntelliPendant   
  • Torso Trolley® – Chest Slide
  • 5-way Adjustable Padded Arm Boards  
  • ProAxis Chest Pad 
  • ProneView®  Mirror and Protective Helmet System  
  • ProAxis Tempur-Pedic® Hip/Thigh Pads (1 pair) 
  • Leg Boards (2)  
  • Adjustable Leg Sling  
  • Two-piece Supine Top with 2” (5cm) Tempur-Pedic Pad with Translation Slide 
  • Cervical Traction Vector Adjustor  
  • Cervical Chest Tray  
  • Cervical Management Table Adaptor  
  • Retractor Adaptor (1) (provides 6” (15cm) of standard side rail)  
  • 60″ (152 cm) Safety Strap (2)  
  • Buttocks Strap  
  • Tempur-Pedic Medical Positioning Pillows, queen (2) and standard (1) 
  • Supine Top Patient Safety Strap (2) 
  • Universal Side Rail Adaptor (4) (provides 6” (15cm) of standard side rail) 
  • ProAxis Accessory Cart with Dust Cover 
  • ProAxis Table Cover 
  • Spar Protective Storage Covers (2) 
Optimizing Sagittal Contour Alignment Using Table Based Strategies

Optimizing Sagittal Contour Alignment Using Table Based Strategies

2020 Webinar by David Polly, MD, Christopher Martin, MD, Kristen Jones, MD, and Jonathan Sembrano, MD.

    Watch Webinar

    Accessories (19)

    Part #6988A-PV

    ProAxis ProneView Patient Care Kit, 6/case

    Part #6988-720

    Cervical Traction Vector, short

    Part #5356

    Pivoting Arm Board with Tempur-Pedic® 2” (5cm) Pad

    Part #6988A-GT

    ProAxis® GentleTouch® Patient Care Kit, 6/case

    Part #6988-880

    Retractor Adaptor (provides 6” (15cm) of standard side rail)

    Part #6988-449

    Radiolucent Retractor Adaptor (provides 6” (15cm) of standard side rail)

    Part #5857

    Cross Arm Support with Tempur-Pedic® 1” (2.5cm) Pad

    Part #5364

    Lateral Arm Board Unit with Tempur-Pedic® 2” (5cm) Pads

    Part #5393

    Clark Socket

    Part #5394

    Aluminum Side Rail Socket

    Part #5300

    Lateral Positioner

    Part #5301

    Deluxe Lateral Positioner

    Part #6950

    6-piece Tempur-Pedic® Positioning Pad Set

    Part #6977-959

    Universal Side Rail Adaptor 6” (15cm)

    Part #6977-973

    Universal Side Rail Adaptor 18” (45cm)

    Part #6910-1001

    DORO® QR3 Aluminum Skull Clamp

    DORO® is a registered trademark of pro med instruments GmbH. 

    Part #6910-4004

    DORO® Radiolucent Skull Clamp

    DORO® is a registered trademark of pro med instruments GmbH. 


    Radiolucent Skull Clamp Adaptor, Cervical Management Base Unit

    DORO® Part #5979-300

    Mayfield® Part #5979-200

    DORO® is a registered trademark of pro med instruments GmbH. 

    Mayfield® is a registered trademark of Schaerer Mayfield USA, Inc. 

    Part #5979-1

    Cervical Management Base Unit

    Resources and education

    Optimizing Sagittal Contour Alignment Using Table Based Strategies

    2020 Webinar by David Polly, MD, Christopher Martin, MD, Kristen Jones, MD, and Jonathan Sembrano, MD.

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    2019 study by Christopher Martin, MD and his co-authors published in Iowa Orthopaedic Journal

    Controlled Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy Site Closure Using Flexible Hinge-Powered Operating Table

    2019 study by Kristen Jones, MD and her co-authors published in Operative Neurosurgery

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