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Patient Care Kits

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Convenience-packed consumables designed specifically for our tables to manage pressure, shear and friction forces during surgery.

Prevention and protection

Mizuho OSI Patient Care Kits provide support, positioning, and isolation during surgical procedures. Our extensive selection of consumables are designed to work as a system of care with your table.

Arm Cradles support the entire length of the arm to protect vulnerable bony prominences, ProneView® and GentleTouch® Pillows provide superior face and eye protection, the ShearGuard® Chest Pillow minimizes shear forces and fitted Pad Covers add a layer of isolation and protection.

We guarantee that your Patient Care Kits are made to the latest table specifications and offer certified personnel to train your staff on the proper use and care.

ProAxis® Patient Care Kits

ShearGuard® Chest Pad Cover, Hip Hinge Cover, ProneView® Cushion or GentleTouch® Pillow.

Trios® and Spinal Surgery Table Patient Care Kits

ProneView® Cushions or GentleTouch® Pillows, ShearGuard® Chest Pad Cover, Hip and Thigh Pad Covers, and Arm Cradles.

Hana®, ProFx® and Hana SSXT® Patient Care Kits

Pad and protect your table with Isolation Drapes, Adjustable Arm Pads, Arm Board Straps, Perineal Post Covers, Head Support, Boot Liners, Leg Spar Joint Protectors, Foam Pads, and NervPro™ System Ulnar Protective Pads.

Wilson Plus™ Radiolucent Frame Patient Care Kits

Drapes protect the base and pads from fluids while providing a layer of isolation from the device. The Transverse Bar Cover protects the patient from making contact with the bar during surgery and the Arm Cradles support the entire length of the arm. Kit also includes Pad Sleeve, Base Cover, and ProneView® Cushions or GentleTouch® Pillows.

Insite® Patient Care Kits

ShearGuard® Chest Pillow, ProneView® Cushions or GentleTouch® Pillows, Hip/Thigh Pad Covers, Arm Cradle and Positioning Straps.

Ultra Shoulder® Patient Care Kits

Multiflex™ Backrest Pad is perforated to expose the operative shoulder and adjusts for patient height. Chin and Forehead Straps provide stability of the patient’s head throughout the range of motion. Secure Arm Strap controls the patient’s non-operative arm during surgery.

Patient Care Kits are also available for Axis and Andrews Table/Frame.

Warranty:  We guarantee all of our products for a period of one year from date of shipment from Mizuho OSI for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

Resources and education

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