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A comprehensive range of pulleys, bars and other traction products, designed to maintain ideal alignment without compromising patient comfort. 

Reliable traction



Non-exposed threads stay cleaner and attach to a traction frame wherever directional pull is needed. 

Part #3057 


Plain Bar 

Made of aluminum, the 36” plain bar is used to support Buck’s traction.   

36” (91cm) – Part #3003 


Spreader Bar 

Available in two lengths, these rigid plated steel bars can be used for cervical, pelvic and other suspension traction. 

8″ (20cm) – Part #1304 

12″ (30cm) – Part #361 


Single Clamp Bar 

A 9” (23cm) double riveted stainless steel and aluminum bar provides a platform for pulleys to hang on a traction frame, such as in Buck’s Traction. Non-exposed screw threads stay cleaner.  

Part #3017 


I.V. Post with Clamp 

Provides the foundation for Buck’s Traction frame, fitting firmly to all beds with ¾” diameter receptacles by attaching to standard 1¼” traction frame tubing.  

14″ (35.5cm) – Part #3048 

18.5″ (47cm) – Part #3050 

23″ (58.4cm)  – Part #3414 


Buck’s Traction 

Three pulleys capture the traction cord from the patient, over the foot board to the weights. Fits securely and easily adjusted to fit most beds. Not compatible with beds that have foot board control panels or trays. 

Part #3101 


Heavy Duty Trapeze 

Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and cleaning. Made of steel with an adjustable chain height and safe working load of 400lbs (181kg). Non-exposed screw threads stay cleaner. 

Part #3095 


Traction Cord 

A diamond-braided nylon cord that’s easy to knot and less likely to slip or stretch and moisture resistant. Available in three lengths. 

100 Feet (30m) – Part #346  

200 Feet (61m) – Part #336 

500 Yards (457m)  Part #337 


Traction Shot Weights and Weight Hanger 

Made from durable vinyl and iron shot for a smaller and more compact alternative to sand-filled weights. Grommet is reinforced to prevent tearing. Available in 1-20 lbs. 

1lb (0.454kg) – Part #349 

2lbs (0.91kg) – Part #350 

5lbs (2.27kg) – Part #351 

10lbs (4.54kg) – Part #352 

20lbs (9.07kg) – Part #353 

Weight hanger – Part #343 


Knee Sling 

Soft, washable, polyester pile available in two sizes to provide stability without risking skin irritation. 

Universal 24” (61cm) width 13.5” (34cm) – Part #334 

Medium 24” (61cm) width 8” (20cm) – Part #334M 


Head Halter 

A soft stockinette-lined foam halter in a convenient universal size, providing horizontal and occipital cervical traction. 

Part #339 


Disposable Head Halter 

A cost-effective, flannel-lined foam halter to assist cervical traction in the treatment of strains, sprains and other injuries. 

Part #342 – 12 per case


Balanced Suspension Sling 

Suspends the entire leg above the bed. Slotted on the distal end to accommodate traction ropes or straps. Constructed of durable cotton duck with heavy D-rings and thick foam lining for patient comfort. Available in 2 sizes. 

Medium 28″ (71cm) – Part #751M 

Large 32″ (81cm) – Part #751L 


Universal Buck’s Traction Splint 

A soft foam splint that keeps the foot stable while promoting air circulation. Traction straps may be positioned anywhere on splint and includes a self-contained spreader plate. 

Part #1300 

Convoluted Buck’s Traction Splint 

An open cell convoluted foam splint designed to discourage foot drop, with two removable rigid aluminum stays for added stability. 

Large 15″-18″ (38-46cm) – Part #371L 

Medium 13″-15″ (33-38cm) – Part #371M 

Small 11″-13″ (28-33cm) – Part #371S 

X-Small 9″-11″ (23-28cm) – Part #371XS 


Warranty: We guarantee all of our products for a period of one year from the date of shipment from Mizuho OSI for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged. 

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