Growing Your Outpatient
Anterior Hip Program With Hana®

Hana® Orthopedic Surgery Table with Superior Surgical Access


Equipping The Outpatient
O.R. For Efficiency

Anterior Hip Replacement procedures are migrating to a more efficient model in an outpatient setting. Ensuring that the transition goes smoothly is critical to this evolution. With the procedure-enabling Hana® Orthopedic Surgery Table, your ambulatory surgical facility will be well equipped to successfully implement an Anterior Hip Replacement program.1-5 Hana® is ideally suited to help you make this switch to the outpatient setting.

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According to research firm SG2, total joint replacement will experience significant growth in the ASC setting, reaching over 50% of total procedures by 2026.6

Why Are Total Joint Replacements Moving To The Outpatient Setting?

Potential drivers of this shift include:

Cost Savings & Resource Streamlining
Patient Safety & Quality Scores 1,2
Favorable Payor Reimbursement

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Why Hana®?

Anterior Hip Replacement is an ideal procedure for the outpatient setting, as a minimally invasive technique that allows for quicker recovery time and accelerated rehabilitation protocol over traditional hip arthroplasty techniques.9-12

Unique Features of the Hana® Table

  • Unique leg positioning capability enables superior surgical access 7,8
  • Safe hyperextension, adduction and external rotation of the leg for optimal femoral component placement 1-5
  • Femoral hooks designed to enhance femoral exposure for canal preparation and improve component placement 1-5
  • Radiolucency allows intraoperative imaging for optimal leg length assessment 1,2 and implant placement 1-5

Compatible Patient Care Kits also available

“Investment in a Hana table significantly improves surgical consistency from case to case. For me, that has meant getting a great return on my investment for both my patients and my practice.”

– Dr. Andrew Wickline, MD
New Hartford, NY

Mizuho OSI Is With You,
Every Step Of The Way

Whether it’s initial clinical training, sales, and marketing support, or service calls, Mizuho OSI will ensure you have the best support to make your expansion into Anterior Hip Replacement a successful one.

Support options include:

  • Flexible leasing programs to contain capital costs
  • Service contracts for long-term table care
  • Marketing kit designed to market your practice
  • Online tools to assist with procedure setups

Healthy Patients. Healthy Practice.

Investing in a Hana® table is a great choice for the health of your patients and your practice. Anterior hip replacement procedures can contribute significantly to the overall profitability of your surgery center.

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