Elevating The Surgical Experience

An Innovative Modular Head Positioning System

A New Approach To Head Positioning

Designed with safety and performance in mind, the Levó Head Positioning System introduces a new level of control and precision to head positioning for all spine procedures from cervical to sacrum. Levó’s modular design offers the flexibility needed to support even the most challenging cases, providing an elevated surgical experience.

Advanced Performance

Providing fluid yet controlled motion is the focus of the Levó Head Positioning System. The System’s design provides the user with an interface that is safe, fast, and easy to engage.

Precise Positioning

Precise positioning is achieved through the power of an electromechanically designed arm module, which provides an exceptional range of motion to address even the most challenging head positioning needs.


The QuickConnect Adapter allows the user to quickly and safely connect the skull clamp to the Levó System during patient transfer.

Intraoperative Controls

Various modules and user interface touchpoints provide the surgical team control over intraoperative adjustments without having to break scrub or disturb the sterile field.

Prone Face Support

Utilizing Levó’s full motion capabilities, the Prone Platform module can be easily adjusted to obtain a neutral neck position when using the ProneView® Helmet or GentleTouch® Pillow.


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Flexibility with Modularity

Levó is a versatile platform that delivers optimal utilization through interchangeable modules that offer the user a customized experience for every case.

Precise Control

The Levó Control Handles put the surgeon in control of all head positioning adjustments, whether needed prior to or during surgery. This module facilitates precise positioning with a continued focus on patient safety.

Patient Rotation

Levó facilitates safe and secure positioning of the patient’s head during 180 degree rotations.

Protection With Complete Access

The Levó Protective Arm Sleeve is an effective method of protecting the Levó Head Positioning System from fluids during surgery. Applies in seconds and allows full articulation and complete access to component connection points.

Visualization With Intraoperative Control

The innovative sterile drape works as a system with Levó to allow full visualization of and Intraoperative access to all Levó controls without breaking the sterile field.

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The Premium Package includes all positioning modules, including the Z Tower, which provides fine controlled vertical motion. This configuration offers ultimate versatility by providing all platforms and adjustment interface options.


The Standard Package provides a system that supports both cervical cases when a skull clamp is needed as well as other prone spine procedures that only require the prone platform to support the head.


The Cervical Package provides the primary components needed to effectively use the system for prone cervical cases. This package includes the Arm, QuickConnect adapter, and Control Handles, allowing for efficient patient positioning and intraoperative adjustments.


The Prone Package provides a system that easily positions the patient’s head for non-cervical prone spine cases using the enhanced range of motion provided by the Levó Arm.