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Hana SSXT®

PART #6870

Hana SSXT®

PART #6870

Specifically designed to transform your general surgery table for AATHA or hip arthroscopy procedures in your ASC or hospital.

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Easily extend your general surgery table for AATHA and hip arthroscopy

Since 2005, the Hana® Orthopedic Table has revolutionized anterior approach hip replacement surgery. The Hana SSXT extension offers many of the features of the full Hana table to expand the capability of your general surgery table*, so you can successfully perform AATHA or hip arthroscopy.

Easily mounted to most general surgery tables, the Hana SSXT allows for the safe hyperextension, abduction, adduction and external rotation of the leg needed to perform the AATHA procedure.

Product features

Unique Femoral Lift

  • Allows precise femoral lift control
  • Improves surgical access for femoral canal prep and femoral component placement

Extensive Imaging Capability

  • Carbon fiber leg spars permit radiolucent imaging
  • Surgeon can intraoperatively confirm implant placement and accuracy of leg length
  • Supports C-arm access to lower extremities

Spar and Traction Boots

  • Lightweight, carbon fiber spar construction provides solid support of lower extremities
  • Allows precise control and stability of lower extremity position, manipulation, and traction

Simple Installation

  • Fits most general surgery tables*
  • Easy setup and removal
  • Exceptional maneuverability

*Additional fit verification may be required for your specific general surgery table. Please contact your Mizuho OSI account manager for further information on compatibility.

Positioning capabilities




We guarantee all of our products for a period of one year from the date of shipment from Mizuho OSI for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

Ordering information

6870 Hana SSXT AATHA and Hip Arthroscopy Unit**

6873 Hana SSXT AATHA and Hip Arthroscopy Unit, 777

6874 Hana SSXT Hip Arthroscopy Unit**

6876 Hana SSXT AATHA and Hip Arthroscopy Unit, Maquet®

6877 Hana SSXT AATHA and Hip Arthroscopy Unit, Denyers

**Compatible with select Skytron®, Mizuho, Steris®, Berchtold Operon® and Maquet models.


Product specifications
Table extension length 87” (221cm)
Average overall length 130” (330cm)
Operative leg spar articulation 28° up – 35° down, 20° adduction – 45° abduction
Patient weight capacity 300-350lbs (136.1–159.1kg)
Standard components
  • Spar Mount Assembly
  • Operative (traction) Leg Spar Assembly
  • Non-operative Leg Spar Assembly
  • Accessory Clamp
  • Traction Boots, small, pair
  • Traction Boots, large, pair
  • Perineal Post, large diameter (6″)
  • Table Pad Body (standard with 6870, 6874, 6877)
  • Pelvic Table Pad
  • Traction Hook Extender
  • Upright Assembly, Well Leg
  • Patient Care Kit (3/case)
  • Femur Lift Accessories Kit*, excluded from 6874

*Femur Lift Accessories Kit includes: Femur Lift Saddle, Hand Crank Assembly, Femur Lift Assembly, Femoral Hook Support, Femoral Hooks, left/right and Perineal Post, adult.

Disposable components
  • Disposable Boot Liners (12/case) Part #5937DZ
  • Adult Perineal Post Cover (12/case) Part #6855-13
  • 6” (15.2cm) Perineal Post Cover (12/case) Part #5929DZ

Accessories (4)

Part #6850-487

Traction Boot, X-large, Pair

Part #6870-500

Hana® SSXT Cart

Part #6850-413

Perineal Post, Adult

Part #5855-61

Accessory Clamp

Resources and education

Hana SSXT product brochure

Hana Patient Care Kits

AATHA Background and Operative Technique

By Dr. Joel Matta and John C. Wilson, Jr.

Cost comparison of surgical approaches in total hip arthroplasty

2019 study published in ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research

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