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Pelvic Reconstruction Kit

PART #5848

Pelvic Reconstruction Kit

PART #5848

Everything you need to position the patient safely in procedures involving open pelvic or acetabular fractures. 

Superior pelvic positioning and traction

The Pelvic Reconstruction Kit with Traction Arc, when attached to the Radiolucent Imaging Top (Part #5927), is designed for lower extremity trauma surgical procedures, and can support patients in supine, lateral, and prone positions.

Use of the Pelvic Reconstruction Kit with the Imaging Top offers an orthopedic surgery option that provides skin and skeletal traction during open reduction of pelvic or acetabular fractures and allows for application of the Kocher-Langenbeck technique.

Positioning capabilities






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Product specifications
Maximum patient load 500lbs (227kg)
Overall table length with pelvic arc assembly attached 119” (302.3cm)
Pelvic arc assembly width 34” (86.4cm)
Standard components
  • Clark Socket
  • T Pin
  • Transverse Perineal Post Mount
  • Drive Shaft, Transverse Perineal Post
  • Pelvic Screw Adapter Assembly
  • Hand Crank, 45°
  • Lower Leg Support Assembly
  • PRK Bow Adapter
  • Table Pad Set
  • Hip Lifter
  • PRK Perineal Post
  • 90° Pin & Wire Holder
  • PRK Lateral Perineal Post
  • Lateral Traction Bracket
  • Lateral Lifter Assembly Bracket
  • Traction/Lifter Assembly
  • Pelvic Arc Assembly
  • Hand Crank, Straight
  • Traction Boot, large and small
  • Traction Boot Liners, large and small
  • Soft traction boot, small and large
  • Traction Extension, long (38″)
  • Traction Unit
  • Foot Plate Assembly
  • Traction Extension, short
  • Traction Unit Upright, left and right
  • Traction Boot with Foot Plate, small, pair
  • Traction Boot with foot Plate, large, pair
  • T-Handle, Arc Mount
  • Aluminum Side Rail Socket

Accessories (7)

Part #5847-07

Pelvic Reconstruction Kit Equipment Cart

Part #5855-865

Traction Boot with Foot Plate, X-large, Pair

Part #5364

Lateral Arm Board Unit with Tempur-Pedic® 2” (5cm) Pads

Part #5857

Cross Arm Support with Tempur-Pedic® 1” (2.5cm) Pad

Part #5393

Clark Socket

Part #6900-12

Radiolucent Arm Board

Part #6977-959

Universal Side Rail Adaptor 6” (15cm)

Resources and education

Surgical Approaches to Fractures of the Acetabulum and Pelvis

By Dr. Joel Matta

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