Orthopedic Trauma Top

For complete Orthopedic Trauma procedures

The Orthopedic Trauma Table Top is part of the Mizuho OSI Modular Table System providing a complete powered, orthopedic table for easy patient positioning and provides for skin or skeletal traction during key trauma procedures.

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Product Overview

The Orthopedic Trauma Table Top can be used in conjunction with Mizuho OSI Modular Table Bases 5890, 5891,5892 and 5803. The unique Traction Arc provides for anatomically correct lower extremity skin or skeletal traction for all patient positions during orthopedic trauma procedures.

Orthopedic Trauma Table applicable procedures:
– Hip Pinning
– Femur, supine or lateral IM Nailing
– Ender Nail
– Tibia IM Nailing
– Humeus IM Nailing

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Product Features

Maximum radiolucency
– Unique composite top enhances radiography
– Allows upper and lower extremity imaging at any angle

Anatomically Correct Traction
– Traction Arc™ provides constant traction on patient’s leg for adduction/abduction
– Eliminates need for leg spar on operative side
– Permits unrestricted access for surgeon and C-Arm

Dual Columns Enhance Stability
– Patient can be centered for added stability and C-Arm accessibility

Lightweight Construction
– Carbon composite construction adds strength and reduces weight
– Steer casters aid table transport

Power Controls
– Hand controller facilitates height, trendelenburg / reverse trendelenburg adjustments

Accessory Cart
– Specially designed for orthopedic accessories storage and retrieval
– Easy transfer of Traction Arc™ onto the table

Modular Base Technology
– Accepts Orthopedic Trauma, Spinal Surgery, Maximum Access, and Imaging Table Tops
– Creates totally comprehensive orthopedic trauma table capabilities
– Allows supine and prone procedures without removing patient

Positioning Capabilities:
– Supine
– Lateral

Product Specifications

Orthopedic Trauma Table Top

Table top length 84 in.(213 cm)
Table top width 21-1/2 in. (55 cm)
Patient Weight Capacity 500lb. (227 kg)

Modular Base

Table Top Floor Height 27 in.- 48 in. (86 cm) – (127 cm)
Base Width 32 in. (81 cm)
Base Length 102 in. (259 cm)
Retractable Base Length 64 in. – 102 in. (163 cm) – (259 cm)
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 10°
Lateral Tilt 25°
Patient Weight Capacity 500 lb. (227 kg)

Standard Components

5840-361 T Pin
5855-120 90 Degree Pin & Wire Holder
5855-13 Traction Slide Assembly
5855-136 Tibia Counter Traction Assembly
5855-137 Lateral Perineal Post Assembly
5855-14 Traction Boot, large
5855-15 Traction Boot, small
5855-163 Well Leg Board Assembly
5855-193 Traction Extension, long (38″)
5855-242 Ilium Post Assembly
5855-243 Pad – Counter Traction
5855-271 Perineal Post, child w/ pad
5855-3000 Cover, 5855 Orthopedic Trauma Top w/o arc
5855-319 Center Support Board
5855-345 Traction Unit
5855-411 Tibia Traction Upright
5855-838 Well Leg Basket Assembly
5855-440 Foot Plate Assy
5855-473 Pad – lateral extension
5855-518 G.M. Board, right, w/ locking knob
5855-519 G.M. Board, left, w/ locking knob
5855-550 Safety Strap
5855-578 Traction Extension, short
5855-61 Accessory Clamp
5855-612 Drapery Rod Assembly
5855-615 Head End Drapery Post, Weldment
5855-617 Foot End Drapery Post, Weldment
5855-628 Pad – lateral post, lower
5855-644 Leg Spar Upright
5855-672 Traction Unit Upright, left
5855-673 Traction Unit Upright, right
5855-752 Radiolucent Leg Spar
5855-753 Well Leg Lower Swing Arm
5855-76 Lower Leg Support Assembly
5855-8 Chart Set Assembly for MTS (5855)
6977-959 Universal Side Rail Adaptor 6 in. (15 cm)
5855-863 Traction Boot w/ Foot Plate, small, left & right
5855-864 Traction boot w/ Foot Plate, large, left & right
5855-900 Table Top Assembly
5855-911 Transfer Board Assembly
5855-925 Perineal Post Adult w/ pad for lock pin
5855-930 Tibia Well Leg Support Assembly
5858-1 Patient Isolation Drapes, box of 3
5862 Kirchner Bow/ Holder
5863 Orthopedic Traction Arc Cart
5890-81 Tabletop Support Assembly

Optional Accessories

5356 Pivoting Arm Board w/ Tempur-Med® Pad
5857 Cross Arm Support
5393 Clark Support
6977-959 Universal Side Rail Adaptor 6 in. (15 cm)
5858 Top Patient Isolation Drapes, 12/case
5855-865 Traction Boots, X- Large 1 pair
5855-17 Traction Boot Liners, large, 24 pack
5855-18 Traction Boot Liners, small, 24 pack
5364 Lateral Arm Board Set
5859 Orthopedic Equipment Cart
10203 OrangeAid® Gel Closed Head Ring, adult
10302 OrangeAid® Gel Armboard Pad, long extra-wide
10503 OrangeAid® Gel Knee Crutch Pads, med, set of 2
10704 OrangeAid® Gel Universal Perineal Post Pad
10706 OrangeAid® Gel Universal Traction Boot Liner
10902 OrangeAid® Gel Patient Safety Strap (fits 5855-550)

Order Information and Warranty

5855 Orthopedic Trauma Table Top w/ 500 lbs. Patient Load
5803 Advanced Control Modular Base 120V ~ 60Hz
5803I Advanced Control Base 220/230V ~ 50/60Hz
5803J Advance Control Modular Base 100V ~ 50/60Hz

Warranty: Mizuho OSI guarantees all of its products for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

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