ProFx®  – Pelvic Reconstruction Orthopedic Fracture Table

“The Perfect Fracture Table” – A State of the Art Pelvic Reconstruction Orthopedic Fracture Platform. The ProFx® elevates the surgical table to a new level for the orthopedic surgeon by providing the perfect table complement for any fracture procedure. Designed to play an integral role in the surgical process, the ProFx® table supports the knowledge and skill of the surgeon to minimize the invasiveness of procedures through advanced patient positioning, reliable traction capabilities and outstanding radiolucency.

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Product Overview

The ProFx table is specifically designed to enhance reduction and fixation of acetabular and pelvic fractures.  Surgical reduction of these injuries remains a formidable challenge.  Benefits of the table can be an easier reduction, making closed reduction possible, making open reduction possible through a lesser approach, and making the most difficult reductions possible at all.  The narrow contact area the table makes with the pelvic area also enhances access.

For acetabular fractures, the patient is positioned prone for the Kocher-Langenbeck, supine for the ilioinguinal, and lateral for the Extended Iliofemoral Approaches.  The table and specific positioning enhances surgical exposure, aids reduction and helps protect the sciatic nerve from stretch injury.  The capabilities of the KL and II approaches are maximized and the necessity to utilize 2 approaches or the EIF is minimized.

For pelvic fractures, the table enhances exposure, and aids reduction.  The most difficult fracture types are associated with a cranial (vertical) migration of the hemi pelvis.  Distal traction applied with the table can be very effective in correcting cranial displacement.  However, anterior ring injuries (ramus fracture, symphysis dislocation) can be further displaced if the table perineal post is used as counter traction.  Table-skeletal fixation to the uninjured side provides the necessary stabilizer (counter traction) against the opposite injured side traction without the disadvantage of the perineal post.  If the injury is easily reduced, the counter traction of the patient’s weight may be adequate with the table positioned in maximum trendelenberg.

Ideal ProFx® procedure and applications:
– Acetabular Fracture
– Pelvic Fracture
– Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement
– Femur Fracture
– Hip Fracture
– Tibial Fracture
– Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Surgery

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Product Features

Exclusive Table Maneuverability
– Aids surgeon in articulation of torso and legs.
– Spars include Spherical Spatial Positioning System SSPS™.

Superior Imaging
– Carbon fiber table top with extended viewing area.
– Radiolucent leg spars can be positioned interoperatively for unobstructed imaging of patient’s legs, hips, pelvis, lumbar and thoracic spine.

High Stability
– Excellent rigidity
– 450 lb patient capacity
– Low table profile for easy patient transfer
– Automatic power floor locks enhance setup and stability.
– The unique “Constant Trac” compensation mechanism built into each leg spar insures traction is maintained.

– Carbon fiber table top
– Automatic power floor locks
– Standard OR accessory rail
– Built-in side rails
– Stainless steel base
– Spherical Spatial Positioning System SSPS™
– All traction accessories for supine, prone, lateral positioning.
– Safety strap
– 2 in. (5 cm) Tempur-Pedic® Medical Table Top Pad
– ETL approved
– 120 VAC 60 Hz
– 230 VAC 50 Hz

Position Capabilities:
– Supine
– Lateral
– Prone

Product Specifications

Table top length 62 in. (158 cm)
Table length w/ spars 152 in. (386 cm)
Table top width 21 in. (53 cm)10 in. (25 cm) near perineal post
Table top height range 31 in.- 41 in. at +/-1” (78.7 cm-104 cm)
Free and clear imaging area Chin to toes
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 15°
Lateral tilt 20°
Leg spar articulation 35°up & down
20° adduction
45° abduction
Spar mount translation 8.5 in. (21cm) each side
Patient weight capacity 450 lbs. (205 kg)

Standard Components

5300-1 Pubic Pad Assy, Square, No Ball Joint
5300-2 Shoulder/Sacral Pad Assembly (2)
5393 Clark Socket (3)
5394 Aluminum Side Rail Socket
5840-44 90″ Strap
5855-345 Traction Unit
5855-411 Tibia Traction Upright
5855-61 Accessory Clamp (3)
5855-838 Well Leg Support Assembly
5857 Cross Arm Support W/Pad
6300-416 Drape Hanger Upright (2)
6300-420 Drape Hanger Top Rail, Foot End
6300-430 Drape Hanger Top Rail, Head End
6300-92 Articulating Bracket
6850-103 Traction Lifter Bracket
6850-110 Femoral Hook Support Assembly
6850-114 Traction Device Hook
6850-123 Hook & Bow Assembly
6850-126 Lateral Perineal Support Assy. With Pad
6850-170 Leg Support, Acc (2)
6850-180 Adapter, Lateral Perineal Post
6850-2 Base & Top Assembly
6850-2101 Spar Assembly, Left
6850-2102 Spar Assembly, Right
6850-25 Tibia Traction, Boot Adapter
6850-27 Ovation Boot To ProFx® Adaptor Assy. (2)
6850-280 Well Leg Support Arm
6850-3000 Cover, 6850 ProFx® Table
6850-400 Lateral Perineal Assembly
6850-413 Perineal Post, Adult
6850-430 Prone Skeleton Traction Holder
6850-480 Traction Lifter
6850-485 Traction Boot, Small, Left & Right, Pair
6850-486 Traction Boot, Large, Left & Right, Pair
6850-500 Perineal Post Curved, Assembly
6850-510 Arm Support Assembly (2)
6850-520 ProFx® Cart Assembly
6850-7560 Perineal Post Table Pad For 6850 ProFx®
6850-7570 Main Table Pad For 6850 ProFx®
6850-80 Accessory Arm Assembly
6850-910 Lateral Traction Device
6850-918 Femoral Hook, Right
6850-919 Femoral Hook, Left
6850-94 Crank Handle Assembly
6850-97 Bar, Jack Bracket Weldment
6855-3 Hana® & ProFx® Patient Care Kit, 3/Cs

Optional Accessories

6850-6001 Auxiliary Imaging Top
6850-7000 Spar Lift Assist Device
6850-487 Traction Boot, X-Large, Left & Right
6850-425 Perineal Post Extender
6900-20 Auxiliary Clamp
6900-12 Radiolucent Arm Board
6836-8 8mm Well Hip Fixation Frame Assembly (6850)
6836-10 10mm Well Hip Fixation Frame Assembly (6850)
6837-8 8mm Well Hip Fixation Frame Assembly (6850-6001)
6837-10 10mm Well Hip Fixation Frame Assembly (6850-6001)
6300-93 90º Pin And Wire Holder
6800-290 Swivel Mount Hand Pendant

Hana®, Hana SSXT® and ProFx® Patient Care Kits

6855 9” Supine Headrest Donut, Padded Perineal Post Cover, Leg Spar Ball Joint Protectors, and Adjustable Arm Board Pads with Soft Straps 6 per case
6851 Hana&ProFx PKit with Disposable Boot Liner 6 per case

Individual Patient Care Kit Components For Use with Hana®, Hana SSXT® and ProFx®

5929DZ 6″ Perineal Post Covers 12/cs
5937DZ Disposable Traction Boot Liner 12/cs
6855-13 3″ Perineal Post Covers packaged 12 per bag
6856-22 Leg Spar Ball Joint Protectors packaged 12 pair per bag
5932 NervPro® Ulnar Protection Pad packaged 6 per bag
5858 Sterile Patient Isolation Drapes packaged 12 per bag
5917DZ 27″ Soft Arm Board Straps packaged 12 per bag
6855-12 Adjustable Arm Board Pad 6/cs
1921 9” Headrest Donut 24/cs
1922 7” Headrest Donut 24/cs

Warranty:   Mizuho OSI guarantees these products to be free of defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.

Order Information and Warranty

6850 ProFx® Orthopedic Surgical Table 120V ~ 60Hz
6850I  ProFx® Orthopedic Surgical Table (International) 220-230V ~ 50/60Hz

Warranty:   Mizuho OSI guarantees all of its products for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for defects in material and workmanship with the exception of products which are misused, altered or damaged.


Mizuho OSI ProFx and Hana

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